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Ambiance - Ebun - High Jazz (EU) LP Reissue

Ambiance - Ebun - High Jazz (EU) LP Reissue

26.21 EUR
Ambiance’s first album released in 1979 on Da Mon Records, Los Angeles.

Amazing private spiritual jazz-funk/fusion LP, now hard to find. Finally available again, fully licensed and remastered, with original artwork. This album is magnificent in its entirety, no fillers. Some of the best fusion on record!

"The tracks are a sweet blend of sax, flute, keyboards, guitar, and percussion – done in a slightly spiritual mode, with some occasional female vocals that sound like they're lifted right off a Roy Ayers album. The whole thing's pretty darn great – and includes a killer version of Walter Bishop's "Turnaround", plus the original numbers "Ebun", "Camouflage", "After June", and "Bossa Moniife"("

Led by saxophonist Daoud Abubakar Balewa who studied formal classical music and received instruction from Frank Mitchell (Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers) and Jackie McLe