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Clio ‎- Eyes - Clone Classic Cuts (EU) 12'' Reissue

Clio ‎- Eyes - Clone Classic Cuts (EU) 12'' Reissue

13.69 EUR
Clone Classic Cuts serves another cult Italo disco classic! Gorgeous female vocals slapped on that lovely 80's synthesizer/drum programming. This is one of those releases that easily makes it into the top 50 of all time greatest italo disco songs. Produced by Roberto Ferrante (also known for his Pinneaples project) and originally released on the obscure Airport label in 1984. We managed to restore and re-master the original versions and the lovely 'Paris' mix. On top of the original versions we serve you a new re-rub by italian Italo specialist Bottin (Eskimo, Artifacts etc). Bottin did a great job with a new crazy soundhack mix that cranks up the energy level and makes it more jackin. Pretty amazing when you realize that these tracks are making people dance for 28 years now. More then enough reason for a proper re-release on high quality vinyl.
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