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DJ Central & Soft Armour ‎– Untitled - Partners (EU) 12''

DJ Central & Soft Armour ‎– Untitled - Partners (EU) 12''

13.89 EUR

Partners is proud to present the third psychical release, which is going to be the first vinyl released through Partners as well.

The album is a collaboration between Central and Soft Armour. Both artist has made some of the most interesting releases in Denmark in past years for what comes to their own musical environments. While Christian Hougaard has been creating mesmerizing techno, ambient and drone through various aliases (Soft Armour, Forvarsel, Space Program, etc.), Natal Zaks has made an enormous contribution to the danish House-scene with his own releases as Central (among several other projects).

Due to their musical differences and high standards, Partners asked the two musicians to try and collaborate on a new release. The unpredictable experiment turned out to be, in Partners own modest opinion, an amazing one-session jam. While being nothing like any of the respective artists former works, the four pieces on Partners003 still contains several of each artists 'trademark-sounds', but in a new context which sparks new life and unpredictability into the already-known."