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John Carpenter ‎- Dark Star (OST) -  We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want (EU) LP+7''

John Carpenter ‎- Dark Star (OST) - We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want (EU) LP+7''

28.89 EUR

The much sought-after soundtrack to John Carpenter’s debut, cult sci-fi Dark Star (1974) makes its first appearance on wax in a generation, thanks to the efforts of Switzerland’s fantastically titled We Release Whatever The Fuck We want Records label.This is the comprehensive version of Dark Star offering a facsimile version of Carpenter’s seamlessly playing sides of synth experimentation, FX and incidentals, replete with original dialogue, plus two remade cuts by his long-standing spar, Alan Howarth, and composer/orchestrator Dominik Hauser. Rather than the typical hooks and themes you’d be lead to expect from Carpenter’s later work, like Halloween for example, this record is more abstract, spooked-out in its own way, playing through a crackly sequence of detached voices and synth contours plus a trippy, incidental bit of country ’n western snuck in the end of side A, whilst the 2nd features extracts cut into individual tracks.

The 7” bears two remakes: Martin Segundo and the Scintilla Strings’ lounging fan fave When Twilight Falls on NGC 891 plus Alan Howarth’s dippy Doolittle’s Solo on the A-side, with Dominik Hauser’s Benson Arizona remake along with the OG trailer and a couple canny loops in both run-outs.