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Kuupuu ‎- Sisar - EM (JPN) LP

22.99 EUR
Japan's outsider music specialists, EM Records, look to the lysergic Finnish psych scene and the home-spun analog ecologies of Jonna Karanka aka Kuupuu on 'Sisar'. Possibly best known for her issues on Dekorder and with Islaja and Lau Nau in Hertta Lussu Ässä for De Stijl, the soundworld of Kuupuu is a kaleidoscopically evolving headspace marrying folksy melodic whimsy and visionary sonic abstraction, increasingly incorporating electronic sounds alongside her glossolalic vocals and weirdly tuned acoustic instruments. In 'Sisar' ("sister" in English) - her follow-up to EM's previous CD compilation of her work - Jonna's voice is a constant source of pleasure, perfusing morphing arrangement ranging from the insectoid chorales and skittish rhythms of 'Pensas on Eläin (Shrub Species)' to tantric, slow and ritualistic psychedelia 'Taivut (Swayway)' and densely collaged loop experiments in 'Lili, en (Lili, I Won't)' via trickling percussive incantations such as 'Itäjä (Sprouty)' and the beautifully regressive detachments of '13, 7 miljardin vuotta (13, 7 Billion Years)'. RIYL Sperm, Uton, Tomutonttu, drinking reindeer piss in arctic forests under a full moon.