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KWC 92 ‎- Iran - L.I.E.S. (US) LP

KWC 92 ‎- Iran - L.I.E.S. (US) LP


This is some proper, international espionage business, expanding their scope from Stockholm via Hong Kong to a mysterious Iran over an eight-part series of furtive, noirish synth motifs, all separated by colourful, almost cartoonish interludes and pulsating techno themes.

It’s all clearly inspired by the emotive, dramaturgical genius of Giorgio Moroder and Tangerine Dream’s definitive ‘80s soundtracks, but also with a streak of, perhaps, slightly lower grade made-for-TV or VHS themes, which is actually a large part of its charm - recalling hazy cues and feels from more indistinct reference points and leaving the script loosely open ended for nocturnal mind-drift.

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