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Various ‎- Five Years Of Loving Notes - Antinote (EU) 2XLP

Various ‎- Five Years Of Loving Notes - Antinote (EU) 2XLP

22.68 EUR

Since 2012 the label has become a go-to source for more wayward, psychedelic strains of house, boogie and raw lo-fi electronics, gathering a loose gaggle of like-minded but respectively idiosyncratic producers to a common cause; making the dancefloor trippy again.

Fittingly the set includes a properly enigmatic number from Iueke - whose discovery of archival early ‘90s Tapes was the label’s first release - relinquishing the kliller reggaeton-techno jag of Giza here, along with more effervescent interventions such as Dominique Dumont’s seductively curled

+371 and the Wally Badarou vibings on Market Session from another label regular, D.K.

You’ll also find a few new additions to the label in the low key mystery of Rafael Top-Secret’s Maurilia, which sounds like something from a late ‘80s Belgian tape compilation, and likewise Natsukashii with the melt-on-mind ambient pop of 芝生の上に, and The Simplists’ hazy H-pop in Ambiance 9.

But if you want dancefloor bullets, run straight for the sylvan electro swing of 03 23 (Notte) from Leonardo Martello, whose Menti Single remains a peak of the label’s efforts, and also to Toulouse Low Trax’ muscular, churning Raut, playing addendum to his killer trio of 12”s for the label.